Privacy Policy

We don’t have one yet.

I just set up this site to transfer large documents in my pending legal case. But this is important information for all Americans, and I will probably be murdered and this site shut down soon. That’s what they did to that young woman’s two friends…the girl who went to the New Haven Seventh Day Adventist Church Food Pantry in May of 2016 and said that her two friends were murdered after they posted videos of some sort of hearings to YouTube. Pastor Ruth Rivera can confirm this. Sorry Pastor Ruth. But this is God’s work, and I kept begging people better than me to help.


Comments will be turned off because I can’t manage this site and litigation. That won’t change unless someone decides to manage this site and this movement to restore justice to courts in Kansas and nationwide.


Don’t know what, if anything I will post. I am still terrified to do this. There was a song “Dead Man Walking” by Jeremy Camp playing on the radio as I was registering this domain again; and it reminded me that it was just after I registered this domain the first time in June of 2014 that I was assaulted by Judge Hursh and the retaliation from the Johnson County Court began to escalate. That’s all explained in my pleadings, which I hope to upload soon.


I do like cookies, so if you would like to donate to the website I will use some of that money to buy really good cookies…you know, like from real bakeries. As to the cookies on this website, I have no idea what is in them.

Embedded content from other websites

I will probably just link to the originals, though I know that can be treacherous. But I can’t help it if they change the content after I link it, so that’s why websites don’t do that. Anyway, this is already hurting too much. I just want to get the template website started.

Who we share your data with


How long we retain your data

Until the webhost cancels the account for non-payment and deletes the backups.

What rights you have over your data

None. After what I’ve been through, with even a law firm hacking my computers and installing remote control software, then being blackmailed a year later after the Tarlov Cysts were found…I know better than anyone that no one has rights over their own data. Criminals just use it without telling you, like the blackmail that Michelle told me about. Again…it’s all in my pleadings…

Where your data is sent

Through an infinitely reconfiguring matrix of unknown routers, computers and servers known as “The Internet.” Seriously, Big Brother is absolutely capable of getting all of your data. So you just have to hope that your Big Brother is better than my Big Brother and doesn’t wish that you were dead too.